About Chan Kit

Chan Kit, a post-80s fashion photographer, is an exceptional artisan, at wedding and portrait photography. 

He for his creative ingenuity, unparalleled aesthetics, and widely recognized in the industry and by his wide spectrum of customers. 

Since picking up his first camera at the age of 19, Chan Kit has spent the next four self-taugh years to establish his unique brand. The experience of traveling around the world adds subtlety of exoticism to the aesthetics in his creative process. 

The status quo of the “traditional” wedding photography has been something Kit aspires to challenge. His enthusiasm for photography and attention to humanistic scenery are well blended with elements from commercial photography. This result in his second to none wedding photography with an incredibly bold statement .Kit audaciously presents unimaginable perspectives through his cameras. His portfolio is timeless.  

Kit's incredible portfolio and track record have gained global customers and numerous top-tier brands under his umbrella , including Nikon,Charlotte Tilbury, Lux,Rene Caovilla,The Body Shop, Dove,Budweiser,Harper's Bazaar,Elle,Prestige, Cosmopolitan, South China Morning Post and Marie Claire. 


Chan Kit  x Nikon x Dada

Chan Kit @ Ctkkit Photography